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Teachers Unions Protecting Pedophiles

Submitted by on July 30, 2012

Campbell Brown has a piece in The Wall Street Journal today about how the teachers unions are protecting pedophiles. In a nutshell, arbitrators are hired to come up with punishments for teachers accused of misconduct or worse, and some of these arbitrators make as much as $1,400 per day. It is in their financial interest to pass along weak punishments to keep the unions happy. So deviant teachers get off with a slap on the wrist and get to keep their jobs. It’s getting so bad that many teachers are now criticizing their unions because this really demeans the profession. This has to change. One example: An arbitrator in 2007 found that teacher Alexis Grullon had victimized young girls with repeated hugging, “incidental though not accidental contact with one student’s breast” and “sexually suggestive remarks.” The teacher had denied all these charges. In the end the arbitrator found him “unrepentant,” yet punished him with only a six-month suspension. Another example from 2007: Teacher William Scharbach was found to have inappropriately touched and held young boys. “Respondent’s actions at best give the appearance of impropriety and at worst suggest pedophilia,” wrote the arbitrator—before giving the teacher only a reprimand. The teacher [...]

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